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We Strive To Exceed Our Customers Expectations!

Corporate Values

Since SJ “Stoney” Denham founded the company in the 1930s, our mission has been:

To provide our customer with a shopping, buying, service and ownership experience that consistently satisfies each individual’s needs and exceeds their expectations in a comfortable, supportive environment.
SJ Denham’s Corporate Values
For each dealership team member to take personal responsibility for:
  • 1. Honesty and respect for the individual.
  • 2. Responsiveness to the customer.
  • 3. Job competence.
  • 4. Proactive involvement.
  • 5. Long-term view of customer satisfaction.
  • 6. Commitment to the team.
  • 7. Continuous improvement.
SJ Denham Collision Repair Center Repairs All Makes and Models